The Beginnings of The German American Partnership
This newly formed partnership is linking the Germanic Genealogical Societies of the United State with genealogical societies in Germany.  This is an opportunity to share information between organizations. Just as we are interested in our German ancestor and what life was like for him in Germany so are the Germans interested in what life was like for their ancestor who immigrated to the United States.
The idea for this partnership originated between a meeting of the leaders of the German Genealogy Society of Minnesota and Dirk Weissleder of the Deutsche Genealogischer Verbände at the Roots Tech conference in Salt Lake City. The DAGV is the FGS of Germany. This Partnership is a society to society organization.
The goal is to assist, strengthen and support each society as they continue to grow. They will be sharing strategies for research, develop contacts between organizations and individuals, create a list of most valuable resources, create lists of references and websites, and share contact lists of organizations, speakers, researchers, guides, historians and translators. Another goal is to have a national conference devoted to German research in 2017.
German-American Genealogical Partnership 

Purpose: Expand cooperation among societies nationally and internationally to help make individual societies more successful in serving their members, including enabling members to make personal connections worldwide.
Founded in 2015 by genealogy society leaders in America and Germany.
Today, the Partnership joins Germanic societies across America, Germany, Canada, England and other European countries. It continues to draw new societies worldwide.
Societies joining the Partnership range from small to large, some with numerous branch societies. The Germany-based Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Genealogischer Verbände comprises more than 60 societies.
A number of major initiatives are being undertaken including the 2017 International Germanic Genealogy Conference.
Membership in the Partnership is for organizations rather than individuals. The benefits of an organization belonging to the Partnership flow through to its individual members. Individuals are encouraged to offer their talents to the Partnership’s international efforts.
For more information or to join the Partnership, email: 
What is the German-American Genealogical Partnership todat?
This Partnership was formed one year ago to expand cooperation among German Genealogical Research societies nationally and internationally.  It aims to help make individual societies more successful in serving their members. This cooperation works both ways, just as we are interested in our ancestors lives in Germany years ago so are the Germans interested in their ancestors who may have immigrated to the United States. I will tell you this is working and has been successful. SWFLGG will very likely not get any requests for research help because Germans did not settle here.  If you belong to another German Society they may get some requests. If you want to contact a German Society please let me know.  All this goes through Dirk Weisleder the head of the DAGV.

Today the Partnership consists of societies from the United States, Canada, England, and other European countries. This is an organization of societies and not individuals. You are a member through your society.  Some of the societies belonging to the Partnership are small while others are large.  SWFLGG is one of the smaller ones. Some such as Palatines to American consist of many branch societies.  The German Arbeitsgemeinschaft Genealogischer Verbände (this is the parent organization for the German societies) is comprised of more than 60 societies scattered across Germany.