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International German Genealogy Partnership

The Beginnings of the German American Partnership
This newly formed partnership is linking the Germanic Genealogical Societies of the United State with genealogical societies in Germany. This is an opportunity to share information between organizations. Just as we are interested in our German ancestors and what life was like for them in Germany so are the Germans interested in what life was like for their ancestors who immigrated to the United States and other parts of the world.
The idea for this partnership originated between a meeting of the leaders of the German Genealogy Society of Minnesota and Dirk Weissleder of the Deutsche Genealogischer Verbände at the Roots Web conference in Salt Lake City in 2015. The DAV is the FGS of Germany. This partnership is a society to society organization rather than individuals.
German-American Genealogical Partnership
Purpose: Expand cooperation among societies nationally and internationally to help make individual societies more successful in serving their members, including enabling members to make personal connections worldwide.
Today the Partnership joins Germanic societies across the United States, Canada, Germany, England, and other European countries. Recently Australia and South America are being added as the Partnership continues to grow worldwide.
Societies joining the Partnership range from small to large, some with numerous branch societies. The German-based Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Genealogicscher Verbände is composed of more than 60 societies.
Several major initiatives are being undertaken including the 2017 International Germanic Genealogy Conference. This conference was a huge success, and another is being planned for 2019.
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