The Southwest Florida Germanic Genealogy Society, Inc.

Ancestral Homeland Google Map
The Google map below shows the known ancestral homeland locations for SWFLGG members. Each red marker represents the home of an ancestor.
Click on any marker to see the name of the city or region, and the name of the member whose ancestor came from that area. If a member's ancestor came from an area near your ancestor, you may find a common research interest in that region. Contact members using the Membership Roster on this website. 
To add markers for your ancestors, send an email with your name and the city/region, state, country and ancestral surname to Dottie Baugh at dharris122@gmail.comIf the surname you're researching is different from your membership name, put it in parentheses and indicate (maiden) or (husband Edwin's family) or (wife Elizabeth's family) with  your name and the city, region, and country name, and the ancestral surname.   
The map is interactive so you can change it to see what you like. 
Use your mouse to drag the map up or down to see specific areas.
Click the + and - buttons on the lower right corner of the map to zoom in or zoom out. 
Click the symbol in the upper left corner to see a list of all locations with red markers. 
Click the small square in the lower left corner to see satellite imagery, then zoom in to see details down to individual buildings in many locations.