The Southwest Florida Germanic Genealogy Society, Inc.

Finding Your German Ancestor 2014 - The 'Best' in German Research: Taking the Next Step!  (Photos courtesy of Werner Ropers and Dorothy Harris)
Dr. Roger P. Minert was born in Nebraska and has also lived in Utah, California, and Ohio, three years in Germany and one year in Austria.  He earned a B.A. in German at BYU, an M.A. in German literature, and a Ph.D. in German language history and second language acquisition at Ohio State University.
The author of more than seventy books and articles on German family history research and German pedagogy, he was a private contractor in family history for twelve years. 
Dr. Minert has taught family history research, German family history research, German and Latin paleography.  His expertise lies in German family history research, German language/dialects in old vital records, German and paleography.