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Finding Your German Ancestor 2012 - Jumping Over Hurdles in German Research (Photos courtesy of Werner Ropers)
Leslie Albrecht Huber, is an award-winning freelance writer and speaker Leslie Albrecht Huber has written nearly one hundred articles that have appeared in over twenty different publications. Her articles and essays have won first place in both of the only two national family history writing contests. Leslie’s first book, The Journey Takers, has been her project-in-the-making for nearly ten years. The narrative nonfiction book represents thousands of hours of research in libraries and archives across the country and the world. Leslie visited her ancestors’ hometowns in Germany, Sweden, and England, and followed in their footsteps across the Oregon Trail to Utah. Leslie has a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s of Public Affairs.  She has worked as a professional genealogist, tracing German families, both for a large company and through her own business.