The Southwest Florida Germanic Genealogy Society, Inc.

Plenary Session Update

At the Plenary Session of the International German Genealogy Partnership Conference in Minneapolis, MN, July 28-30, 2017, an update on the vision of the IGGP was presented by founder Dirk Weissleder. From his program, handout, the following are points for the "vision for the future" of the IGGP. 
We are doing the obvious...
  • IGGP as promoter and curator of German genealogy
  • Bringing people together for cooperative research—globally
  • We help finding living relatives
  • We are using technology to power new research pathways
  • Why today, why us? And what must we do? 
  • It is all about connections: cultural, personal
  • We will build a figurative cathedral of international German genealogy
What we will learn...
  • is how to work together, by learning from each other as equals is how to deal with mass data as we track the worldwide footsteps of the Germans
  • is how to deal with growing size, interest, and success in the IGGP 
  • is how to get along with our different mentalities 
  • is how to speak in different languages
  • is how to balance different expectations 
  • is to make clear that everyone can contribute to the big success as a win-win
Let´s make dreams come true—as a big family of researchers
  • Start with single projects on the first families, as they appear far away from home
  • Do not re-invent the wheel—know what we already have researched 
  • Climb the mountains to see the landscape, and get the “whole picture“ 
  • Let us help those who cannot visit the places of desire
Future visions for IGGP
  • IGGP will create a working process for increasing the quality and speed of German genealogy
  • IGGP will establish strong machinery for German genealogy research worldwide
  • IGGP will become a laboratory of ideas and projects
  • It will develop templates for strengthening societies and groups, and for personal contacts
  • It will establish an inventory of what we have and what we know
  • It will determine how we can save material for coming generations in decentralized repositories
  • The German societies and researchers must be won over—our bottleneck!
  • IGGP will become a member of international institutions and networks
  • IGGP is us: it is all in our hands
  • It will begin an IGGP-Review (“Letters from our cousins“) as our central publication
  • It will plann commmon events, conferences and virtual meetings in the future.