The Southwest Florida Germanic Genealogy Society was founded in November 2006 by local genealogists involved in Germanic research. Over 50 researchers attended the first meeting during which dues were set, meeting dates planned and officers elected.   
Our goal is to provide fellowship, education and support in our research about the history and genealogy in regions where the German language and culture was, or is, prevalent.
We support and educate persons interested in learning and applying accepted practices for German genealogical research and disseminate information to the membership about events pertinent to their German research, both current and historical.

Operating Year: January - December 2017

Executive Board
President: Julia McIntyre
Vice President: Ken Weaver
Secretary: Dottie Baugh
Treasurer: Patricia Giannotti
Director 1: Judith A. Foley
Director 2: Ruth Emmel
Director 3: Frank Moser
Past President: Bob Lienesch
Ancestral Map: Ken Weaver
Assistant Treasurer: Jack Rauch
Membership Chair: Ken Weaver
Newsletter Editor: Joanne Daerr Ryder
Organization Liaison: Ruth Emmel
Program & Seminar Chair: Julia McIntyre
Proof Reader: Anne Chapman
Proof Reader: Ken Weaver
Webmaster: Joanne Daerr Ryder